Jan Davis Memorial Garden & Sunflower Circle Drive

Jan Davis Memorial Garden & Sunflower Circle Drive

In Jan’s honor, this beautiful memorial garden was built to reflect the heart of a faithful volunteer, a cherished daughter, a loving stepmother, a beloved wife and a very brave woman! Jan’s smile and generous heart touched lives everywhere that she went. The clients, horses, volunteers and parents are forever thankful for the service she provided to Therapeutic Horsemanship participants. The flowers, trees and shrubs were specifically chosen to represent the passion and love Jan showed to her family, her friends and her community. As you enjoy the beauty before you, remember to be thankful for the blessings in your life.

Jan Davis believed with all her heart… “Just as sunflowers follow the sun, we follow the Son.”

“Jan helped Gerald quite frequently. The bond between this rider and Jan was quite spectacular. Gerald Hoff was a client of TH’s for over 20 years. He has Cerebral Palsy. Gerald has since judged our annual TH Horse Show. He was also on TH’s very first competition team. He rode internationally in the Paralympics in Atlanta and the World Championships in Holland, Denmark and England…quite a guy. I remember him talking about Jan and how nice she was to him!”

Founder, Sandy Rafferty

“We are so grateful to Mike for choosing to build this garden at our facility. I have gotten to know Mike, and his unending love for Jan is remarkable. They were lucky to have one another. He is honoring her in a very special way by building this beautiful memorial as well as helping hundreds of individuals with disabilities with these generous gifts.”

Former Executive Director, Monica Marsh

“The garden is spectacular. So many volunteers and clients have already commented on what a beautiful centerpiece this is for our facility.”

Volunteer Manager, Kathy Castellitto

Jan Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund

In addition to the beautiful garden, Jan’s husband, Mike, has also established the “Jan Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund” in honor of Jan’s giving nature.  Our scholarship recipients are so very grateful for their support.  The funds will continue to support children with disabilities by providing them the life-changing therapies they so desperately need.

There is something in bloom as we go through each season!


**A special thank you to Allen Maus for his design!