Below you will find a list of our service delivery team.  Click on any photo to see additional contact information. 

Hannah Arnold, Aide

Mark Bornhop - Facility

Tina Ellis, Aide

Jamie Gehrin, Clinical Director

Lorie Hagl, PT

Nathan Harms - Executive Director

Debbie Harre, PT

Tina Jennings, Aide

Amy Johnston, CTRI

Megan Kehoe, Aide

Hannah Kinney

Kathy Light, Aide

Diane McGrane, CTRI

Shelly Nanney - Finance

Denise Pool, CTRI

Sandy Rafferty - Founder

Charla Shurtleff, COTA, CTRI

Magi Sontag, OT

Pat Sweeney, CTRI

Jamie Waaler, CTRI

Renee Willbrand, Aide