Below you will find a list of our office and administration staff. Click on any photo to see each staff member’s direct contact information.

Mark Bornhop - Facility

Kathy Castellitto - Volunteer & Outreach

Lauren Frosch - Chief Program Resource Officer

Nathan Harms - Executive Director

April Kannady - Equine Manager

Shelly Nanney - Finance

Sandy Rafferty - Founder

Amy Willard, Program Director, CTRI, ES, LPC

Below you will find a list of services staff. Please call 636-332-4940 to reach one of these individuals. 

Tina Ellis, Aide

Jamie Gehrin, OT

Lorie Hagl, PT

Debbie Harre, PT

Tina Jennings, Aide

Amy Johnston, CTRI

Laura Jones, COTA, CTRI, ESMHL

Megan Kehoe, Aide

Kathy Light, Aide

Diane McGrane, CTRI

Denise Pool, CTRI

Charla Shurtleff, COTA, CTRI

Pat Sweeney, CTRI

Renee Willbrand, Aide