A wide variety of programs designed to help individuals overcome
their challenges and reach their maximum potential.

With the help of some
very special horses.

TREE House’s two largest therapy programs serving individuals with disabilities are our Equine-assisted Therapy Program, also known as Hippotherapy, and Adaptive Therapeutic Riding. In Hippotherapy, clients meet one-on-one weekly with a licensed physical, occupational, or speech-language pathologist for a therapy sessions. Adaptive Therapeutic Riding sessions are led by a certified riding instructor, and clients may meet one-one one or in small groups. The focus is on building horsemanship skills in addition to achieving personal therapeutic goals.

Injured active military service personnel, reservists, or veterans are eligible to participate in our equine-assisted therapy program designed specifically for them called TH Freedom Reins. TREE House also offers programs for individuals who are having difficulties coping with behavioral and/or emotional issues or have a diagnosed mental health condition. Our Equine-Assisted Mental Health Programs use the interaction with horses to help clients dealing with issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, bullying, improving self-esteem and more.

For children of all abilities ages 5 to 18, TREE House offers inclusionary summer camp opportunities at our facility in Wentzville.  Licensed therapists and certified riding instructors lead all camps to ensure everyone is able to enjoy and participate in all the activities. No horse experience necessary! Individuals without disabilities who are interested in learning how to ride can participate in TREE House’s Gaitway Riding.


Equine-Assisted Therapy

Clients, ages 2 through adulthood, receive physical, occupational, or speech therapy services once a week in a 1:1 session. MORE >

Adaptive Therapeutic Riding

Clients, ages 6 and up, work with certified riding instructors to build horsemanship skills and reach personal therapeutic goals. MORE >

Mental Health Programs

 Interaction with horses is used to help individuals coping with behavioral and/or emotional issues. MORE >

Summer Camps

Children ages 5 to 18 with and without disabilities can enjoy a fun, positive camp experience together. MORE >

TH Freedom Reins

Active service personnel or veterans receive equine-assisted therapy to help overcome their individual challenges.  MORE >

Gaitway Riding

Individuals without disabilities learn how to ride and build horsemanship skills. Age 6 and up.  MORE >